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by Marta Kuzma , 13 November 2022

A product designer works across the entire product development lifecycle — from researching user problems to designing product features that solve them. To be successful, product designers must master both technical skills and intuitive design. 

What is a product designer?

A product designer combines user research and design thinking to create user friendly products. They design solutions that customers interact with on the user interface or they may be in charge of organizing information in the background.

What’s the difference between a product designer and UX designer?

The difference between a product designer and UX designer is that a product designer is not solely focused on the user experience, rather they work throughout the entire product design process. The roles are related and often overlap.

Depending on the size of the company and the design team structure, a product designer may be synonymous with job titles like: interaction designer, UI designer, or information architect.

Beyond design, other common nuanced product team postitions — product owners and product managers — are responsible for the entire product roadmap

What are the qualities of a good product designer?

To understand consumer needs and create impactful design concepts, a product designer needs:

  • Analytical skills

  • Understanding of business goals

  • Strong communication skills

  • Empathy

Required hard skills include:

  • Coding

  • Design skills

  • Understanding of user testing/research methods

  • Copywriting

  • Budgeting

What education do product designers need?

No specific degree is required to become a product designer. It’s possible to become to a product designer without a college degree at all, although just 2% of product designers hold only a high school diploma. An associate’s degree in design or industrial manufacturing is a good starting point.

Alternatively, candidates may have hands on experience through an internship or seek certification. There are several options for training and certifications from respected institutions.

Looking to hire a product designer?

Use the product designer job description template below as a base for your job listing. If you don’t want to comb through applicants and brainstorm interview questions, reach out to MVP Match if you’re looking for help sourcing tech talent for your team.  

Company Introduction

Provide an introduction to your company. Include details like your mission and company culture. Be sure to highlight any unique information about stakeholders, benefits, hours of operation, or opportunities for remote work. Add any information that makes your company stand out as an ideal place to work.

Job Description

Describe the position with an emphasis on the kind of candidate you want. Include the job title, the qualities you’re seeking, and how the job will impact your team.

Seeking an experienced product designer, with an eye for impeccable visual design to build digital products with intuitive user experience. The ideal candidate will have 3 to 5 years of experience in product development, working with cross-functional design teams.

This role is an integral part of our product development team. You’ll work alongside product managers and product owners to ensure relevant and timely outcomes. 


Clearly ist key responsibilities  of the role, including any that require specific skillsets.

  • Enhance existing product functionality and usability

  • Explore new product opportunities

  • Analyze product feedback and customer needs

  • Perform market research to determine product/market fit

  • Use 3-D modeling and computer-aided design tools (CAD) to build digital drafts 

  • Use prototyping tools to create mockups and wireframes

  • Run tests to determine success of prototypes

Skill Sets and Requirements

List any skills and education requirements you want in the ideal candidate. Include any software or graphic design tools your company uses. The more specific you are in this list, the better. Potential hires will see your expectations and only apply if they can meet them.

  • 3-5 years of work experience in a similar role

  • Experience using Figma

  • Strong knowledge of 3D modeling and CAD tools

  • Bachelor’s degree or beyond in product design or related field

  • Industrial design experience

  • Strong communication skills

  • Able to adapt quickly to changing requirements

  • Organized project manager

  • Efficient in problem-solving

  • Team player

Where & How to Apply

Provide instructions and a point-of-contact for applicants. Do you have a link to an application? Where can they send a resume? Give specific details.

How MVP Match Can Help

Looking to hire a freelance product designer or assemble a team? MVP Match is a community platform where companies and contract employees in the tech industry connect to build next generation products. Contact us to get started and find the product designer you’ve been looking for. 

If you’re a freelancer looking to find your next opportunity, we’re here for you too! Reach out to us to join our network

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